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  Asialord Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. (Asialord) was separated from another company, Shunde Cheering Garden Tools CO., LTD. (Cheering), in Dec 5th, 2003. Cheering was founded in 1994 in Shunde, Guangdong, operating in garden tools fields originally. Later on, Cheering stepped into electric and gas appliance field. With the business growing, electric and gas appliance was separated as a new company in 2003. That is Asialord, with Cheering as the controlling share holder.
  As Asialord consumed a large quantity of gas regulators and gas valves every year, and these parts are the most important and critical parts in gas appliances, to get better and controlled gas regulators and gas valves, in 2006, Asialord invested another factory, Shunde Kingaz Gas Accessories CO., LTD. (Kingaz), to manufacture these key parts. This decision and action did made it easier for Asialord to control the product developing, quality controlling and production of the gas appliances. As a result, the quality and production of gas appliances in Asialord was promoted to a higher level.
  In 2009, Kingaz was combined into Asialord to save management expenses.
  As Asialord was founded on a higher foundation, its developing has been fast since it was founded. It uses new machines, new facilities and its own patent technologies. Its main focus is to explore and develop in the field of outdoor gas appliances and some home electric appliances.
  In 2005, Asialord passed the ISO9001 audit and got the certificate. After that, the company never stopped its steps to promote its quality controlling system and managing system. Most importantly, Asialord was lucky enough to get great help from a famous French company, on technology, on quality, on management. Consequently, quality became one of the most competitive aspects of their products. In 2015, the company management switched into ERP system successfully. Only those who understand ERP know that without mature, strict and coded management system, ERP is impossible.
  Asialord products are all for export. Its target markets are Europe and North America. Its strategy is to design and develop products for western consumers. It develops new products according to the western habit, western tradition and western life style. Its mission is to satisfy the customers by providing leading quality, competitive cost, durable and reliable appliances.
  If you want to find a factory and go together with it for long term, Asialord is the right one.

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