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  • Name: Gas regulator
  • MODEL No: DFH-255
  • FOB Price: USD1.00-2.00
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1000 pcs
  • Supply Ability: 2000 pcs/day
  • Port: Shunde port
  • Payment Terms: TT, LC

Name: Gas regulator

Item No.: DFH-255

Gas control type: Plug valve

Material: Zinc alloy and brass

Usage: To decrease the gas pressure and stabilize the pressure. Used for portable gas stoves


1.Absolutely prevent the gas cartridge from being loaded in wrong direction.

2.With ultra-pressure protection. When the pressure is over 5bar, the valve would block the gas supply automatically. This protection device can be reset manually after the malfunction is removed.

3.Flowing outlet pressure: 112 +/- 15% mbar

4.The diameter of the nozzle: 0.50+/-0.005mm

5.Length of the copper tube: 118mm

6.Cold mass flow: 160 +/- 15% g/h

7.Max power the regulator can supply: 10000 BTU.

Leakage ≤60 cc/h

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